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Not Yet Perfect MASTERCLASS is an intensive week of wheel throwing and pottery mastery. During this MASTERCLASS you will refine your throwing skills, elevate your work style, whilst learning the fundamentals to make your practice a sustainable and impactful one.


Over the 5 days you will be guided through clay preparation, throwing techniques, trimming, and a short introduction to glaze application, along with a number of demonstrations throughout the week.

Towards the end of the course you’ll have the time to design and create your own individual works under the guidance 

and supervision from Lucy and her team.


We couldn't finish the Masterclass without addressing the following.

Pottery is not a performance, but a practice, revisited daily. In order to nurture the longevity of this practice, we want to ensure we are looking after ourselves.

Creating a holistic practice and looking after your mind, body and soul is an imperative part of sustainability.

We will be joined by an industry leader in Yoga, Movement and Pilates who will delve into how we as ceramics artists can better our practise through intentional daily practices.


Day 1: The first day there will be focus on making cylinders – *the Not Yet Perfect way*

Day 2: focus is bowls 

Day 3: closed forms, vases in different forms.

Day 4: A free morning where the students can focus on their own projects with the help from Lucy and team, followed by an afternoon of trimming.

Day 5: Morning of glazing and learning and activity & discussion about creating a sustainable pottery practice- focusing on mind body and soul.

It will be possible to finish 5 pieces with glaze.

Schedule- The workshop is Monday- Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm

Pottery Pickup- 1 Week After workshop

Price is $1999 including materials and glazing & firing of 5 pieces.

Lunch is complementary to the studio.

The workshop is open level where Lucy and her team personal instruction to the level of each student.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations more than 30 days before the start of the workshop can receive a 50% refund or postponement to a later workshop if available. No refund will be possible within 30 days of the start of the workshop. Cancellation due to Covid will require proof

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