Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fire the clay at home?

Unfortunately not, stoneware clay that is to be used for holding food or liquid needs to be fired at over 1,000 degrees. 


How do I fire my work?

Take you creations to your local kiln, let them know that you're using stoneware clay and they will know what temp to fire it at (usually cone 10)


How long can I leave my creations before firing them?

There is not time limit. You can leave them on your shelves for years.

How long does shipping take?

We have a few shipping, pickup and delivery options, they span between same day pickup to 5-10 business days for delivery depending on your location.

At the moment we're experiencing a high volume of orders so it can take up to 2


Where is my closest kiln?

We have put together a list of Australia wide firing services for you.

Where do I choose the colour?

Not Yet Perfect offers white gloss glaze packs which can be purchased through our store. Alternatively your firing service may also offer glazing options for you.